Monday, 1 May 2017

More Journal Development

I feel like my visual journal work is coming along really strongly. I feel that there is an obvious progression from my starting point to the point where I am at now. I feel that I have fully developed this work to the best of my abilities and communicated the alternative to mass media objectification that I set out to communicate. Adding a hand-drawn element to the journal work was a way of me incorporating it with my usual way of image making and I feel that it adds more depth and personality to each of the individual collage pieces. I also feel that the imagery is becoming more and more reminiscent of the imagery you would find scattered in and around zines and femzines, as well as feminist art publications. This is something that I already have an interest in so to see the development of my work in this way is something that I am really happy with. 

Visual Journal Further Development

I've started creating collage imagery that I feel counter-acts the objectifying imagery we are currently saturated by. I wanted to create something that i feel embodies self-worth and self-esteem, whilst promoting empowerment, mind over body, and supporting and helping influence the self-esteem of yourself and other women. I feel that the collage technique I'm working with is helping me create some strong imagery and allowing me to explore composition more than I usually would. I feel that the work I create in my visual journal now will be more along the lines of trying to embody positivity and encouraging a body-positivity, self-accepting state of mind. I feel that it is also fair to say that my work is examine the idea of breaking free of the iron maiden. As a pose to fitting into pre-prepared moulds, I am having that I can start working to look at individuality and promote a sense of self-identity.

Study Task 9 - Evaluation of Synthesis